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04/01/2020 2920 Views
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Phan Thiet tourism has always been famous for its clear blue beaches and long sandy hills. If you are looking for a short vacation to a beautiful coastal city, Phan Thiet is the better choice.
A vibrant coastal city but also no shortage of peaceful moments for you to relax after hard working days? A little sunshine, a little wind, along with the blue sea of ​​yellow sand for you to bask in the cool water?
Phan Thiet has all: from the diverse natural landscape of the sand dunes of Mui Ne, the islands, large and small; to the historical monuments proving the flourishing of Champa civilization ... Perhaps because of these interesting things, Phan Thiet tourism has never been hot and certainly more exciting every summer.
Let the emerald ocean hotel take care of you, from accommodation, outing and on-site transfer.

1. Time to go to Phan Thiet - Mui Ne

Located in the South Central region, Binh Thuan in particular and Phan Thiet in general is considered as the most sunny and windy area in the country. But that's not what travelers should worry about because this climate will make the cruise more interesting and complete, right?

Phan Thiet still has two rainy seasons - sunny, but the rainy time of this city is not long. The city is also less affected by storms, so you can be assured of Phan Thiet tourism at any time of the year. However, there are some notes about the weather to pay attention to before coming to Phan Thiet as follows:
April and May are the peak hot times for Phan Thiet. The temperature can be over 30 degrees and it is very hot.
June - July or the period from December to February is the best time to travel to this coastal city. At this time, the weather is less hot, the temperatures are relatively cool; the sea water is also greener and quieter.
In July and August (around June - July of the lunar calendar), there will be red tide and seaweed blooming, making turbid sea water unsuitable for swimming. However, this event is not too serious every year, visitors just need to monitor the weather before the trip.

2. Transportation in Phan Thiet

Motorbike: The most convenient and fastest motorbike is always. Guests can contact the motorbike rental at the hotel or private car rental service with the price of about 120,000 - 200,000 VND / day.
Taxi: Taxi will be the ideal vehicle for those who travel family, in large groups, or to locations far from the city.
Jeeps and boats: In addition to the familiar means of transportation, visitors can also experience the feeling of riding a jeep and sailing on a number of tours to popular places in the city.

3. Where to go when traveling to Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet city area

Doi Duong Beach

Located in the city center, Doi Duong beach is hidden under the rows of blue ocean waves, like a mysterious land waiting for visitors to explore. Doi Duong Beach not only has a clear blue sea but also possesses a wide sandy beach, suitable for sports activities on the sea such as volleyball, sanding ...
Location: right at the hotel

Duc Thanh School

As an important historical site associated with a part of President Ho Chi Minh's life, the small school is still quite well preserved. Coming to Duc Thanh School, visitors will feel the serious atmosphere of the old classes taught by Uncle Ho, along with the peaceful scenery of the suites and lush gardens.
Address: 39 Trưng Nhi, TP. Phan Thiet
Opening hours: 7:00 - 17:00

Poshanu Cham Tower

Built early in the ninth century, the Poshanu tower cluster was originally the place to worship Shiva, after the construction of the area of princess Po Sha Inu.
Poshanu Cham Tower is a famous Cham historical and cultural relic of Binh Thuan province. The unique architectural features such as red brick walls, other meticulous sculptures, all demonstrate a flourishing civilization for a while.
Address: Doi Nai, P. Phu Hai, TP. Phan Thiet

Dinh Van Thuy Tu

Most of Vietnam's seas have the custom of worshiping Ong (whale), as a protector of the people of the sea. In Phan Thiet, there is a temple of Nam Hai god, also known as Dinh Van Thuy Tu.
There is the largest whale skeleton in Vietnam with a length of over 22m and weighs about 65 tons. The Palace is also the venue for important ceremonies, with special cultural activities such as bumper singing, boat racing ...
Address: Ngu Ong Street, P. Duc Thang, TP. Phan Thiet

Forgotten Land sand statue park

The rolling sand hills are not strange images of Phan Thiet. And it's interesting that international artists have turned this "specialty" into works of art.
The works here are composed by the theme of both Vietnam and internationally. It can be architectural works, famous characters, and follow the familiar fairytales and myths.
Address: Nguyen Thong, P. Phu Hai, TP. Phan Thiet

RD wine castle 

As far as a medieval European castle is located, RD wine castle is home to a treasure trove of famous wines of the Napa Valley - a place famous for the winemaking of California, USA.
Coming to RD wine castle, you can visit the process of making a bottle of wine in the underground wine cellar and enjoy fine wines. In addition, if you like to exercise, you can also try fishing or golf or at the nearby Sea Links golf course.
Address: Quarter 1, P. Ham Tien (Belonging to Sea Links Golf Country Club)
Ong Dia rock beach

Not only the sea and sand, Phan Thiet also has a rocky beach with a collection of rocks of all shapes. In particular, there is a rock breakwater and a stone road running straight to the sea, becoming an interesting place for tourists to "live virtual".
Address: P. Hàm Tiến, TP. Phan Thiet (9 - 10 km from the center)

Bai Rang

Among the countless beaches of Phan Thiet, Rang beach is still called the most beautiful. About 15 km from the city center, Rang beach is an ideal destination for those who are looking for a peaceful and peaceful Phan Thiet tour.
Address: P. Hàm Tiến, TP. Phan Thiet, on the way towards Mui Ne
Mui Ne area
Along the Mui Ne area is a collection of beautiful beaches. Therefore, Mui Ne can be considered as a resort paradise of Phan Thiet. But not only the sea, Mui Ne is full of other interesting things waiting for visitors to explore.

Fishing Village in Mui Ne

Traveling to Phan Thiet without missing the opportunity to catch the sunrise in the bustling fishing village is really a big mistake. Mui Ne beach every morning is the destination of hundreds of fishing boats and seafood returning from a hard night beach.
An early morning in the fishing village, you can feel the atmosphere rushed with the trading activities of the locals, while enjoying the fresh seafood caught and processed on the spot.
Address: Quarter 1, P. Mũi Né

Sandy hills

Sand has long become a "specialty" of Phan Thiet and Sand Dunes Bay (also known as Hong hill) is the most famous place with high and continuous sand dunes. An interesting feature of this sand hill is that the colors vary by region, and there are up to 18 colors for you to explore.
Coming to sand dunes, make sure you have to experience sand surfing by skateboards, or "quality" rather than try driving terrain to conquer endless undulating sand dunes.
Address: Võ Nguyên Giáp Street, 2km from Mui Ne market

Hon Ghenh

Just 10 minutes by boat from Mui Ne beach, you will reach Hon Ghenh. The name seems to have somewhat described the most unique feature of this place with unique rock formations.
Not stopping there, Ghenh is also the ideal place for snorkeling or simply sitting on the rocky shore to admire the wild beauty of nature.
How to get there: You can take a boat from Shiva tourist village for 300,000 VND / boat for 10 people
Hon Rom

If you are thinking of an island then wrong, Hon Rom is actually a long beach, divided into two parts is Back Beach and Front Beach. Hon Rom Beach has the advantage of being quite quiet, light waves, clear water and no reefs, so it is suitable for gentle activities such as swimming, walking on the sand and camping with seafood.
Address: Ấp Long Sơn, P. Mũi Né (about 2 km from the center of Mũi Né)
Fairy Spring

A narrow stream right next to Hon Rom, Suoi Tien has the pristine beauty of steep limestone cliffs, small orange water flowing below the foot. All combined make this place is considered as a fairy-tale place dedicated to Mui Ne.
Address: Quarter 4, Ham Tien, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan
The location far away from the city

White intercession

Called "specialties", Phan Thiet sand certainly does not only exist on Sand Dunes. Bau Trang is known as the miniature Sahara of Vietnam with wide sandy beaches, stretching freely.
The reason this place is called "Bau Trang" is because "Bau" in the local language means "lake". The ancients recounted, this place used to be a big lake, later, for convenient travel, people built sand to build roads. So here, besides the vast white sandy road in the middle, there are now 2 lakes, a large lake and a small lake with the names of Bau Ba and Bau Ong respectively.
Many people also call Bau Trang with a different name Bau Sen because the lake has lotus, and every summer comes pink color to cover the lake.
Interesting activities when coming to Bau Trang are sliding; renting terrain jeeps crossing sand dunes; sailing or fishing on the lake.
Place: Hong Lam Hamlet, Hoa Thang Commune, Bac Binh District, Binh Thuan

Cu Lao Cau

Residents are always eager to hunt for new islands and Cu Lao Cau is a recent favorite. The small island is still intact, untouched, with turquoise sea and the space is still peaceful because it is not too crowded.
Some interesting places to visit for Cu Lao Cau are coral reefs, Yen cave, Ba Hon cave and Nam Hai temple.
Getting there: From Ca Na port, canoeing to the island takes more than 1 hour

4. Specialty Phan Thiet


When coming to the sea, definitely have to eat seafood and Phan Thiet is also full of delicious seafood dishes ready to please all visitors. There are countless ways to enjoy seafood when traveling to Phan Thiet: you can go along the banks of the Ca Ty River to enjoy the cool breeze and sip; Or you can also visit the fishing village, choose the best squid and shrimp by yourself and prepare them at the market.
The seafood dishes that no tourists want to ignore in Phan Thiet can be mentioned such as shrimps, shrimp, snail salad, crayfish, squid, sunny, green crab, Huynh De crab ...
Flexible rice paper rolls

Quite with the famous roll rice paper or Saigonese rice paper, Phan Thiet's flexible rice paper is attractive with a combination of fish sauce, quail eggs, pork rind. Rice paper is baked on charcoal, then rolled right when it's still hot as a perfect way to sum the flavors together.
Custard cake

Banh Can is an extremely "catch" dish with all kinds of typical sea seafood such as shrimp and squid; Combined with eggs, minced meat to create a unique cake. In order to diversify and bring a unique flavor, the base cake also has many variations such as eating with pork, pork skin, braised fish ...

Herring rolls

Herring is often used for fish salad in many coastal cities. Particularly in Phan Thiet, herring is also used to roll rolls (similar to spring rolls), served with sweet and sour fish sauce and raw vegetables.
Pork pie asked

The Phu Long area has a rustic specialty that attracts many visitors when traveling to Phan Thiet. It is a pork pie with more than 10 shops and extremely crowded.
Thunderstorm dishes

Thunderstorms are reptiles living in the sand and are the main raw materials for all kinds of attractive dishes such as spring rolls, roasted thunderstorms, thunderstorms, stir-fried thunderstorms with chilli, thunderstorms cooked with melon ...

Fish cake soup

Almost in the waters, there is a version of fish cake for familiar dishes. Phan Thiet people often use rice flour soup for this dish. Fresh fish is made into rolls, fried yellow; the bones are filtered to make a sweet broth. In particular, the Central banh canh is dotted with bread to enjoy all the rich taste.
Fish salad

Phan Thiet is favored for countless kinds of delicious fresh fish, so of course there must be fish salad in the specialty menu of this country. The types of mackerel, herring, transparent fish, opaque fish ... are boned, mixed with fresh vegetables and rich fish sauce.
Ham Tan rolls

Not made from meat, Ham Tan rolls have the main ingredient is crushed shrimp, rolled into rice paper and baked on charcoal. Like many other dishes, this dish is served with raw vegetables, pickles, and peanut fish sauce.

5. Recipes Phan Thiet tourism

Phan Thiet's weather is quite hot and hot, you need to carefully prepare costumes such as wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, thin shawl, jacket ... and most importantly do not forget sunscreen.
If more thoughtful you should bring yourself a few bottles of mineral water to combat thirst when visiting sand dunes. For convenient participation in sandboarding games, you should also prepare lightweight luggage.